Giousouri:Scientific name: Leiopathes Glaberimma

Arabian word tht means ”black coral”

It appears at the depth of the mediterranean sea with span of life older than 4.000 years.

It’s well known from Andreas Karkavitsas novel ”the words of the bow” as mythical beast.

It’s a valuable charm that gives good luck.

We can use it to the making of strings of beads and jewellery.


In 1975 Frosso an Panos Sidiropoulos opens a workshop of making jewellery ”Giousouri”.

The workshop ”Giousouri” becomes soon reference point for the modern jewel of Thessaloniki due to their inovative ideas.

In 1977 Nikolas Sidiropoulos was born , their son.

NIkolas was influenced by his enviroment which was full of valuable stones ,metals and other materials and was intrested in creation of jewellery.

In 1997 he graduated from jewel school ”Mokume” in Thessaloniki.



Nikolas takes over the family business from 1999 and gives new ideas through his philosophy.He designs and makes jewellery by silver,gold,valuable and semi-valuable stones according to his personal style in a modern workshop.

He is very active and since 2000 he never stops taking part in Pan-Hellenic jewel exhibition ”modern creations”.

You can find his hand made jewellery in chosen shops in Greece,Cyprus and U.S.A.